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Media Analysis of “The Godfather’’


Although the film of the same name based on The Godfather by Mario Puzo starts its story with the powerful and influential head of the crime family Don Vito Corleone, it becomes clear in the end that the main protagonist is his youngest son Michael. Throughout the whole movie a spectator has the chance to observe the transformation of the person facing life challenges evoking the main hero eventually to change radically the way of his life. However, I would be more inclined to believe that it was an inevitable decision to follow finally the natural scenario of running the “family business’’ by its heir. Anyway, the plot of the film depicts a man with Italian roots living in New York, who is in charge of the five biggest crime families responsible for gambling and other criminal activities in the whole city and even the country. Don Corleone has the access to any resource one might need to solve a problem by controlling judges, politicians, journalists, and the trade unions. Moreover, he is famous for being the only person able of “making people the offer they cannot refuse’’ (“The Godfather’’). Godfather, as the “family’’ calls Corleone, controls and supports the order among the gangster’s gangs and protects those who asks for any justice or favor in the name of “friendship’’ and “family relationships’’ in exchange for some service one might be asked once. Despite the notorious but respectful status Don Corleone gets in the middle of the narcotics conflict causing the start of the families’ war for power and influence. Being unsupportive of participating in developing a new era business he becomes the main obstacle of his rival. The criminal war makes an attempt on Don Corleone’s life leaving him incapable of heading the business any more due to his weak health condition, eliminates his loyal adherents, and forces his youngest son to go into hiding. Eventually, when the eldest son Sonny has been killed, Michael returns from his refuge where he got married and became a widower due to the family war. He becomes a new head of Corleone family becoming even more powerful and fearful Godfather than his father ever was. In fact, Godfather here appears more as an inherited and earned the status of a respectful patron rather than a family affiliation.

Character Description

Among the main characters of the movie the one worth mentioning in the first place is Don Vito Corleone. A mature always serious and self-restrained leader is a husband, father, godfather, patron, and boss at the same time. To be able to cope with all those responsibilities one needs to be strong, wise, respectful, extremely confident, and smart person as Don Corleone was himself. Don Corleone always makes stress on the family values and puts them on the first place, however, what he means under the family is mostly the business part. His business is …

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