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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Journal entries describing the evening before the accident I felt it was the right time for me to tell him the truth. Daisy would never step up to the plate without my encouragement. And when Tom heard that from me… I was so excited to see her confirm my words! She did not love her husband indeed, she always loved me – wasn’t that obvious to him, in fact?

Well, he did look surprised and became really rude to me, but why should I care about that? Probably, for a moment it made Daisy hesitant about her decision to leave Tom. But she is meant to be mine, Tom is no obstacle. She loves me, and that is the only thing that matters!Jay GatsbyThe situation was getting more awkward. Was Gatsby out of his mind to tell Daisy’s husband that she had never loved him? Even Daisy did not feel right about that turn of events, I suppose. I tried to do my best to improve the situation. What a naïve man I am! Who could ever stand in Jay Gatsby’s way?

His stubbornness is going to kill him one day…Nick CarrawayTom needed to know the truth, but I was not confident enough to tell him about everything. I probably wanted Jay to do that for me, but he seemed to have chosen the wrong moment. The situation was already tense and he only made it worse. I do not think Tom would ever react normally to the fact I did not love him. Did I want to hurt him with that? When he started recalling the memories about our relationship, I felt sorry for him. Or was it also love, some different kind of love? Do I love both of them, in fact?DaisyThat ignorant man is probably thinking he is on the top of the world with all his money and parties and everything… What was he really thinking of?

Showing off with god-knows-what, trying to impress my wife, and telling me she never loved me and wants to leave me! Liar and swindler… Is she really that dumb to trust him? I would never believe she would prefer him to me. This whole situation was pure grotesque, I assume. …

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