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The Growth of Refugees is Increasing

In the recent past, there has been an increase in the number of refugees across the world. More people are being forced to flee their homes around the world owing to sectarian violence caused by religion, violation of human rights, and war in their countries. These people face difficulties and struggle in the country that leaves them with the only option of seeking accommodation in refugee campus. Most of these refugees travel long distances from their countries on foot to reach the refugee camp. Some even commit suicide on before reaching the refugee camps. Living conditions in some of these refugee camps are very pathetic for human inhabitance.

For these reasons, it is necessary for governments around the world to take initiatives and put up strategies to stop war, religious violence, and the violation of human rights. This unprecedented displacement of people is threatening the world’s stability. According to (Duffield 2007), a refugee is one who is forced to flee their country to escape persecution, war, or natural disaster. It is shocking that, with the civilization and sophistication in today’s world, various issues such as war and religious differences could be causing displacement of people. These are things of the past.

The presence of such issues in the contemporary society is an implication of disparities in the world’s political and economic environment. The world has the capacity to accommodate everyone. Those in leadership positions should avoid greed and ensure equal distribution of the available resources to for the benefit of everyone in the society (Marfleet 2006). Human beings have the power to create machines and happiness. We should utilize this power by ensuring that we accommodate everyone in the society to avoid having refugees looking for safe places to live. It is saddening to hear stories of distressed refugees on a daily basis through the television, internet and newspapers. This essay will discuss the three primary causes of refugees around the world. First I will discuss and give evidence of how war causes an increase in the number of people in the refugee camps. Second, I will highlight the sectarian violence of religion as a cause of people’s displacement, and finally evaluate how human rights violation causes people to flee their countries. Firstly, war is one of the greatest causes of displacement of people around the world. For instance, the Syria war compelled over four million people to refugee camps such as Zaarari in Jordan. The war caused struggle and execution of most of the Syrians.

According to Duffield (2007), 90,000 people were executed as a result of the war. The executions scared more people to flee to safer countries. The number of refugees in the United States was 191,000 by August 2005 (Duffield 2007). Statistics show a higher number of refugees by March 2006. These statistics imply a drastic increase in the number of refugees. In instances of war causing displacement, the greatest casualties are always women and children. The case of Syria war, approximately …

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