The Hazard Identification Process and Risk Control Methods essay sample

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The Hazard Identification Process and Risk Control Methods

The hazard identification process, risk assessments, and control are applied and compiled according to the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012. The risk is considered to be a probable harm that may arise as a result of a hazard. A Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking has a commitment to control risks to safety in a practicably reasonable way.This essay explores the medium-sized chemical distributor ABC Chemicals. The goal is to determine the hazards, to identify the relevant risks and to use available risk control methods for this case.

Identifying hazards is the first step of risk management process. This involves determining all the situations and objects that potentially are dangerous and may cause harm to employees, surrounding people or environment. According to the procedure of the risk management, ABC Chemicals should identify all the hazards in consultation with employees. In general the hazards may include dangerous materials, substances or mechanisms, work environment, management or design. The risk assessment is the next step of the following procedure. A risk assessment is mandatory for such a high risk activities, as diving or scaffolding works. This determines the degree of danger for every hazard and finds out which hazards should be managed first.

Finally, the risk control is the third step of the general risk management process. This step involves decisions of what should be done to prevent or control the risks.According to the description of this project, there are several hazards that must be identified. First of all, cleaning chemicals are delivered in 205 liters drums. The workers have to decant the products into the smaller containers. It may cause chemical burns, intoxications and allergic reactions. ABC Chemicals should pay attention to the safety of shipping process, as the spilling of cleaning chemicals may be dangerous for residents and traffic participants. The nursing home and the child care centre located near the ABC Chemicals seem to be hazards as well, so the absence of access for children and elderly residents must be guaranteed.

Another moment of the decanting procedure is potentially dangerous. Small spills are cleaned up with rags, that are disposed of into the general waste dumpster, collected once a week. This may cause poisoning and inflammation as well. Furthermore, the building has not been fitted with all mandatory emergency equipment, there is no emergency plan and the workers are not prepared for emergencies. Moreover, there have been several vehicle accidents in front of the premises. So the workers must be ready to perform a first aid or to extinguish the fire at any time.As mentioned, all empty chemical drums are stored in the rear yard collected on the monthly basis. This may be extremely dangerous for environment and residents, considering the intention of local council to build a community centre behind the cyclone fence. In addition there is an open overgrown …

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