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Hollywood and international cinematography presented us a lot of different films. Some of them are documental or historical others are all about of entertainment, they provide us a perfect reality and we headlong are running at the next premier of new Spider-Man or Batman episode.

Historical movies take a huge place in overall film industry, because they introduce us past important historical events or describe the life of famous people. Unfortunately, modern producers and filmmakers are running for the money and often replace historical facts with bright and action fiction. This little lies often distorts the historical background of the film.Schindler’s List was produced in the United States, filmed in 1993 by famous Steven Spielberg, starring Liam Neeson.

This film tells the story of ordinary businessman Oskar Schindler, who saved a lot of Jewish people during the Second World War. Hollywood’s inattention to historical facts in such movies is well known, so it is important to analyze the historical accuracy of Schindler’s List.It is important to notice that film director Steven Spielberg in cooperation with writers Thomas Keneally and Steven Zaillian made a pretty accurate historical movie. Oskar Schindler was real Polish businessman, which actively hired a lot of Jewish before the war due to their cheap labor and durability. This simple business trick later transformed into real fight for Jewish people for Oscar Schindler, when Nazis occupied Poland. These facts were shown in the movie with good accuracy. But, as always, there were some minor inaccuracies. These inaccuracies are visible between the book and the final screenplay. Maybe it was done on purpose to make the movie more dramatic and profitable. For example, the first meeting between Schindler and Pfeffenberg differs in the book and in the film. But, undoubtedly there are no major historical issues in this film.

Steven Spielberg made a good movie with excellent historical accuracy and attention to historical details. According to Doneson (2002), the Schindler’s List is one of the most historically accurate films about Holocaust.


Doneson, J. (2002). The Holocaust in American film (2nd ed.). New-York: Syracuse University …

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