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The Ideal Model of Academic Argumentation

There are many models of argumentation found today. Toumlin, Roger, and Aristotle are some of the most popular models. The Aristotelian method is well known and is perhaps the oldest method of argumentation used today. It depends on asking questions to inquire the validity of ideas and opinions and thus, challenging instigating argumentation leading the formation of viable conclusions.

Toumlin’s and Roger’s methods can be widely applied in the academic argumentation given their ability to support and prove the reasonability of the claim, however, the Aristotelian form of argument is far more effective than any other argumentation methods as it exploits the specifics of human perception, cognition, and analytical abilities. The method instigates the critical thinking, questioning and looking for answers to the questions, which might be later used to develop the argumentation and come to the only one possible solution as a conclusion. To begin with, the academic atmosphere of today must be analysed.

The academia today is criticized for being purposely inaccessible to the public. The language and methods of inquiry used in academic research are questioned as academics hide the truth behind data and complicated language patterns. As the Toumilin method provides substantiated arguments as well as counterarguments it is indeed effective for academic inquiring. The Toumlin method insists that a good argument contain a claim; a qualifier for the claim; evidence that substantiates the qualifier and thus the claim; a rebuttal to the qualifier; warrants for the claim evidence and the rebuttal; and some solid backing that aid the point made by the warrant for the claim evidence.

However, if the academy relies only on the Toumlin methods it might become more inaccessible than ever. The Rogerian method, which focuses on the conflict resolution, is definitely not suitable for academic argumentation as its objective is to resolve conflicts and not deal with the nature of an existing conflict and find the truth—which is what academic purist demands. The Rogerian method is an ideal method for presenting an argumentation when a conflict must be resolved. The argument does not intend to polarize the various conflicting opinions on a subject; rather, it tends to bring together the various opinions.For the Aristotelian argument originated in the Ancient Greece, it might be considered outdated and not rather relevant in the contemporary society that has gone through the long period of cognitive evolution. However, it must be noted that while the human race has progressed scientifically and technologically, the basic ethos and pathos that inform human sensibility have remained the same. In other words, even though nowadays we have more technological assets to express our thoughts, the very human emotions associated with loss, happiness, success and other such experiences have remained the same, which makes the Aristotelian argument still applicable as it relies on the permanent and even eternal concepts typical to the human beings of all the epochs.

Therefore, Aristotelian argument exploiting the human emotions influencing cognition and the ability …

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