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The Importance of Acting Roles

In any film, there must be a theme (s) that is brought throughout the film. The themes are brought out via people who act by taking up roles that aid in bringing out those themes. Acting a certain role encompasses imitating the character and the behaviors associated with someone who is different from yourself. An actor has got to have the abilities to transform themselves with the objective of appearing substantially different from role to role. A combination of many roles acted help build a film while reflecting the main ideas that the film is supposed to pass on to the public. It is the duty of every actor called upon to act a certain role to make it as real as possible. The actor should live the role in that particular film.

Discuss the goal of the actor.The goal of an actor is to communicate a character to the audience. Actually, this is the only key and defining aspect of theatre and film making. Another objective of an actor is to entertain the audience of the film as well as functioning as part of an ensemble. The actor must be able to draw the audience into the theatrical illusion presented in the film.

The actor cannot achieve his goal without cooperating with other contributing casts to the film (Sontag, 1966). Therefore, it is very crucial for an actor to work within constraints established by the script writer and the director, and relate well to other actors in the cast.Explain how actors become characters?Actors are meant to reflect the characters designed by the scriptwriters in the film. The actor must not only imitate the character and their emotions but also do it to the optimum depth. The actor brings the character into life through dialogues, making the choices that the character makes in the script while ensuring they look as real as possible (Sontag, 1966).

The actor realizes a three-dimension character with a very rich backstory. As a matter of fact, as the film matures and progresses forward, the character of the script is realized better and better. This is how the actor develops into the character.What are the differences between film acting and stage acting?


Stage acting is usually done in front of a live audience. It means that the actor’s voice, as well as the body movements, should be apparent to everybody in the hall, including the back-sitters. On the other hand, film acting requires no voice projection because the actor is performing in front of the camera. Another difference is in the material used. Theatre involves doing plays that are actually well known, time and time again. The actors do know the plays on their fingertips. In the film acting, there are basically little or no expectations on how a particular role is meant to be played. This offers a large room for errors when it comes to performances. Identify the different types of actors?


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