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The issue of marijuana legalization

The issue which I have picked up for the analysis is the one from the, and it is the issue of marijuana legalization. It is interesting to assess it, since it provides a historical perspective starting from 1969. Thus, the major trend in this poll have significantly changed over time. When the first questionnaire was conducted, 84% were opposing the legalization of this type of drug, and only 12% were supporting it. However, in the course of time, the opinion started to shift dramatically. It is interesting that the growth of the supporters of marijuana became more or less significant after 2000. In 1995, it was 25%, and then 31%, with the growth every year.

Finally, by 2015 the number of supporters peaked at 58%, with 40% of opponents (Pollingreport, n.p.).Analyzing this poll, I would like to note that the trend fluctuation is likely to be driven by the liberalization of the society, increasing opportunities for debate. Also, it is noteworthy that although this issue is not directly related to the political life, it has a political impact and is influenced by political socialization too, since the decriminalization of cannabis is a topic of debates on federal and state levels, and its legalization continue to generate political debates (Pacula & Sevigny, 213). I believe that the prevalence of the proponents may be explained due to the growing impact of popular culture in socialization (Greenberng & Page, 122), which drives the idea that cannabis is safe for health. In addition, the generational effect takes place, and people whose youth took place in the 1960s turn out to be more liberal towards this type of drug, even when they get older.

What is also interesting, the number of people who had doubts over their opinion remained about 2-5% all the time. It means that the majority of the population in the US has a well-defined and formulated attitude to the issue of marijuana, which makes the division between opponents and proponents very margin. The high level of division further exacerbates this issue and makes it not only a question of medical and legislative but of a political discourse.2b. Using your selected film (Wag the Dog) as a basis, write a response essay.The movie “Wag the Dog” is a brilliant example of political satire, demonstrating the strong role of media in the modern society and in political life. In the pursuit of the higher rating, the President of the US launches a fictional war with Albania, which is presented as a threat to democracy and civilized war. The tearful patriotic songs, a little of rumor, several shots allow persuading the country in the importance of fighting for democracy and strengthening national unity. The history of American commando being captured in the enemy country draws, even more, attention, making it personal for Americans, especially those who have relatives and friends in the Armed Forces.

These manipulations are implemented by quiet and inconspicuous people, who represent …

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