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There is a lot to learn about holy listening and Shippey reveals the secret to having the potential to do so. It is true that for us to comprehend the word of God and experience his existence we have to employ the mind, heart, as well as the ears and eyes.

Putting into consideration the different ways in which the word of God is conveyed by religious ministers, surely holy listening is vital and Shippey provides a superb guide. I look forward to knowing more as I continue to read the book. Overall it is a good post, I am blessed.

Response to the post 2

In order to understand the Bible and its teachings, it is important to have background information about the foundation of the text and nature of it. One thing which is clear is that the context of the Bible is similar to the events that happened in the society at the time. The Pentateuch highlights the descendants of Adam and Eve the first humans that God created and introduces Abraham who is the father of the Israelites. Reading these chapters help us to recognize God’s love from a different perspective. We understand that God punished men not because he hated them but he did so as a way of making them realize their mistakes and repent. God loves us and despite the discipline, he subjects us to, he is all caring and his love endures forever. I love this post, it is a …

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