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The Life and Time: Dr. Dre


This paper is devoted to analysis of leadership style of Dr. Dre and the company Beats Electronics, that has been found by him and Jimmy Iovine. This company produces audio gadgets. Nowadays it is a well-known brand on the market. First of all, it is a merit of senior management. As we know, management and leadership style play an important role in effective activity of any company. There are several types of leadership styles. All of them can be used to manage company.

The leadership style of Dr. Dre and its effectiveness is represented in the paper. Another aspect that can provide high rates of the company is staff motivation. The main principle of staff motivation is that each employee is aware his necessity and his impact in the company’s development. This can be achieved by various methods, which are considered in the paper.Key words: Beats Electronics, hip-hop music, globalization, staff motivation, leadership style.The Life and Time: Dr. DreThe twentieth and twenty-first centuries have marked the beginning of new music styles as well as new technologies, which have taken an important place in the life of people around the world.

New business leaders have arisen since era of information technologies has started. Nowadays, almost everyone knows such corporate giants as Apple, FUBU, Beats Electronics and others. The last one has been found by well-known rapper and producer Dr. Dre. His full name is Andre Romell Young. Let’s analyze the company Beats Electronics and its in more detail.Brief Сharacteristics of the СompanyThe company Beat Electronics has appeared in 2006. Its headquarter is located in Culver City, California, the US (, 2016). Its founders are Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine (former Interscope Geffen A&M Records chairman). The Beats Electronics specializes in the production of audio gadgets. Its first product was the headphones beats by Dr. Dre.

The current product line of the company includes: headphones – solo2 wireless, solo2, studio wireless, studio, mixr, pro;earphones – powerbeats2 wireless, powerbeats2, tour2, urbeats;speakers – beats pill;additional goods and accessories (, 2016).Also company collaborates with automobile manufacturers such as Fiat, Dodge and Chrysler in the context of implementing the Beats audio system in cars.

Another direction of the company’s development is cooperation with producers and PC. For example, company Hewlett-Packard produced series of PC with Beats Audio. Another company, HTC integrated Beats audio technology in its smartphones. Some models were also staffed by Beats headphones. The 2014th year has marked by a special event for the Beats Electronics. On May 2014, the company Apple announced its intention to acquire the Beats Electronics (, 2014). The sum of the deal was estimated at three billion dollars (including 400 million dollars as shares of Apple). The organizational structure of the company has features of linear and functional structures. Different companies held the controlling stake of the company in different years (Monster Cable, HTC, Apple).

It made a significant impact on the company’s development. But the common vision of the company does not change. It was formed …

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