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The Meaning of Beauty

One of the meaning of beauty will be watched through the lens of strength of mind.
Strength of mind is one of the defining qualities of a person. Strength of mind is something that helps us to achieve the vital objectives, to overcome difficult obstacles, to become strong and capable of an act. Strength of mind can sometimes be revealed in other words, such as confidence, persistence, firmness, steadfast, inflexible etc. Strength of mind has nothing to do with outer beauty. A strength-of-mind and will-power combination gives some special internal power and beauty to a person. A strong person, in contradistinction to a weak one, knows what he or she wants. An internally strong person finishes any business without making up an excuse.

A great example of strength of mind manifestation is a story of a Colombian woman Dixie. Dixie is a single mother of two children (Orner, 2008). Her life in Colombia was happy. Her parents gave Dixie an amazing childhood. They gave her an opportunity to get an education. She had a great profession and worked in the field of education: she was a school administrator. After Dixie’s father had died, need for money grew day after day. The income became less. Nevertheless, she wanted to give her children a happy childhood and a good education. She started to think that an illegal moving to the USA would solve all her problems. The decision of moving in search of a better life and income was firm. So, she left a mother, a mentally disabled sister and her children in the homeland. It took her six long months to get to New York.

On her way to the USA Dixie got into prison, had to hide under baskets in a cart in order to cross the border of El Salvador and Guatemala, and slept with mice and rats passing by. The illegal way was tough, but she knew her aim and was strong. After Dixie had come to New York, she started to work in a fast-food industry. Everything was unusual to her. It was morally hard to turn into service personnel after being a professional of high level back at home in Colombia. Everything changed after she had met her future husband – Paul. Paul was an American citizen. Everything seemed nice to Dixie at the beginning. It turned out that Paul had been hiding his true face. He became a victim of domestic violence. He also threatened to expose her illegal way to the USA before authorities. By that time she hadn’t seen her family for seven years already. She left for the USA in order to provide her children with a great education and to help her family. It was her aim and she achieved it.

Dixie managed to become a legal immigrant. Her next step will be an application for lawful residence. She still can’t visit her family, but one day she will be able to do it, she can’t wait for …

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