The Miccosukee tribe of the Indians of Florida essay sample

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The Miccosukee tribe of the Indians of Florida

The Miccosukee tribe of the Indians of Florida is federally recognized. In the earlier days, they were under the Seminole nation. However, with time they were able to organize themselves into a much independent tribe, hence they were offered a federal recognition in 1962.

With this privilege, they were offered a way forward in which they would practice their government and other facilities such as their reserved land. Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida, the heart of the Florida Everglades, was one of the displaced tribes during the Seminole Wars until they were recognized by the state of Florida in 1957 and gained Federal recognition in 1962.

The Federal recognition of 1962 gave the Miccosukee tribe some of their tribal powers in which unlike before they would have an internal government that would have its rulings and the court system. This means that they had their criminal jurisdiction platform where these laws were controlled by the Federal government (, 2015). This did legally established the Miccosukee’s tribal existence and also their sovereignty, a domestic dependent nation status that was with the United States Government. The tribe gave special districts in which they would have governing bodies in which they would have their duty and powers systems. They had the power to plan, contract and also the power to implement programsthat would ensure there is better law enforcement programs, better education, and also other social aspects of the tribes’ lives (, 2015).

This Federal recognition of 1962 came with other political power of their own. The tribe now were allowed to have their own where they had to elect a leader that would make sure the never return to their darkest parts of the tribes' history. They also had officers that were bound to enforce laws. They were given authority to have arms and also make an arrest where they saw that law was not followed. They had to enforce the law to have the criminal offenses minimized this was a strategy that was determined to keep the tribe peaceful. This means that they were to try those that they found in the wrong side of the law making the Miccosukee tribe to have their court system. They had some of their own agencies that would carry out the necessary investigations. They would establish a committee in which they would try to come up with the best decision in which the person under trial was persecuted (, 2015).

Secondly the Miccosukee tribe was also allowed to administer their Indian Reservation land that was under the US Bureau of Indian Affairs. This does mean that they tribe no able to have their own reservation thought the southern Florida State. This decision also came up with them being offered land that was 189, 000 acres. This reservation was principally known as Miccosukee Indian Reservation. Most of these lands are controlled by the tribe that has full ownership of the lands offered to …

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