The Name of the Taboo’s Episode is Beauty essay sample

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The name of the Taboo’s episode is Beauty

The paper approaches the clip talking about a 30-year-old female Texan who resorts to numerous plastic surgeries to enlarge her breasts and finally gets infected.

In Western culture, a woman is suggested beautiful if she meets specific standards, for example, if she is tall or has big breasts. Shiloh had small breasts, and she says that she felt uncomfortable as many people bullied her. In order to avoid the jeers and meet common standards, the woman decided to have a plastic surgery. However, trying to correspond to other people’s expectations endangers her health and even life.

In terms of cultural relativism, Shiloh is not obliged to meet any standards. She should be happy with her appearance because it fits a specific context – Shiloh is a mother who should be healthy to take care of her family. From this perspective, she is expected to consider removing implants as a good, rather than a tragedy.I suggest that cultural relativism is a more plausible viewpoint. Firstly, it recognizes and promotes diversity that is an inherent element of contemporary society. Secondly, it promotes personal happiness, as an individual is not hamstrung by strict standards that he or she should meet.

Using a Sociological Examination Joe cannot organize his day to cope with all the planned works. Time management could help him to address the problem.From social perspective, Joe is facing with inherited poverty. He comes from low-income family, so it is very difficult for him to get proper education and a good job. Providing Joe with a scholarship could resolve the problem.Analyzing Joe’s situation from a social issue perspective does not let the young man “off the hook.” Even if Joe is provided with some social benefits, for example scholarship, he is still responsible for using them rationally, for example to use time that is freed from work to study more …

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