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Human nature is polyhedral. It is the most significant feature of the humanity. The good and the evil are coexisting inside people like “the two worlds of feelings and concepts which cannot communicate”. (Golding, 25) “The entire idea of identifying the nature of mankind is obscure, because people are acting on the basis of instincts and faith” states Paul Ehrlich. (68)

Of course, there are numerous displays of human cruelty and viciousness. The Earth experienced more than fifteen thousand wars throughout its history. Near three and a half billion people were killed in result of those wars. The humanity has also survived through the two major world wars that took the lives of more than a one hundred thousand million people. And that is only a small display of the mankind`s ugly part. “The fear and greed make the people reveal their worst sides”. (Glover, 39) As stated by William Golding “When you fear someone – you hate him and cannot get him out of your mind”. (148) However, there is always a place for a kindness and dignity. The humanity has a good feature to unite and to help. During the wars, the natural disasters or the epidemics, people rescue each other. “They give food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless and hope for those who have lost it”. (Stevenson, Habermann and Wright, 45)

As stated by Steven Pinker “though humanity has some awful features, it seems to reveal its best qualities during the worst times”. (289) “Cruelty is senseless, but it is a lesson for the people in order to understand the true value of mercy and peace” says Edward Wilson, “and there is no good without the evil”, which perfectly describes the contradiction inside the human nature. (88)

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