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Key Points

Bureaucracy is a situation where the top officials in an organization make most of the important decisions. Structures are organized on a hierarchical basis with clear delineations of superior-subordinate relationships. A process of written documentation forming a permanent record of the organization accomplishes the management of the organization (Christopher, n.d.). The organization members show a high degree of managerial specialization in terms of both functional activities and the procedures of the bureaucracy itself. It is important to note that is neither good nor bad.Examining management behavior involves distinguishing between illegal behavior, unethical behavior, and inappropriate behavior. Illegal behavior implies acting against the law, unethical behavior refers to contrary against particular moral principles or values that apply in everyday life, and inappropriate behavior refers to actions against acceptable normal convention (Christopher, n.d.).

A business is a bureaucratic organization where the manager acts as a bureaucrat. According to Christopher, structures in the business, could be based on specialization, hierarchy, and standardization. Mechanistic management strategies accompany the bureaucratic structures, and functional tasks are differentiated into distinct specializations. The manager and other superiors control and direct performance at the given hierarchy levels and the levels represent a structure of authority, control, and communication. Communication across the organization is more vertical than lateral.Internal distortion of reality causes bureaucratic irrationality by interpreting a diverse and ambiguous environment as certain and conforming. The internal distortion is known as a bureaucratic mindset. Another source of irrationality is the external set of variables that results in distortion. Single loop learning involves keeping an organization on track through screening the natural setting, laying down goals, and directing performance. Prime managerial actions involve exception reporting and controlling activities within particular financial limits. Double looping learning consists of institutionalizing systems that review and question the virtues, rules, and operating guidelines of a business ((Christopher, n.d.). It involves detecting, comparing against customs and then challenging the traditions to judge appropriateness before taking a plan of action.

The manager is believed to obstruct the learning process within the bureaucratic institution. The bounded rationality of bureaucracy permits for a distorted line of thought with the various levels capable of offering only part of the picture. Some elements of bureaucratic culpability can prevent double looping learning. Members of the organization will protect themselves from powerful forces by engaging in games and deceptions. Double-loop learning necessitates managers reduce the gulf between theory and reality to make it possible for individuals to question the values and customs rooted in the philosophies in practice (Christopher, n.d.).A good manager should bring together team learning, develop shared vision, personal mastery, mental models, and systems thinking. By bringing all these concepts together, the manager increases the chances of attaining a learning organization but too much bureaucratic characteristics can prevent this achievement.

Question two

A bureaucratic mindset can be avoided if managers become more accountable for the units they manage and when quick learning require a new level of responsiveness in current management practice. Managers should put in place the …

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