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The reason why a person might give an excuse

People normally give an excuse so that it others do not find out that they are not skilled in certain area. Instead, the person (opponent) will know that the person has lost because of the excuse that they gave.

This sometimes happens unconsciously where a person gives an excuse when they are about to begin an activity.Kids bully others since they might be feeling bad about themselves. Kids who bully normally have low self-esteem and therefore resort in aggressiveness to turn away the attention from them.

The bullied kid enters into the spotlight and other kids turn their attention to them. It is also likely for kids who are bullied or harshly disciplined at home to be bullies themselves. This is probably because they feel inferior. They therefore result to aggressiveness (bullying) as a defense mechanism. Social interest means that a person cares about other people.

A person who is high in social interest is constantly going out and talking to other people. On the other hand, a person who is low in social interest does not care about other people and they always want to be by themselves. A person does not vary between high and low social interests (extremes) but social interest in a person occurs in degrees between the high and low levels (intermediate).

According to Adler, the degree to which a person has social interest is crucial on how healthy they are. The people with low social interest are unhealthy and are rarely concerned about others. An example of an unhealthy person with low social interest is a neighbor who refuses to help a person next door. A health person is a person with considerable degree of social interest who offers to help a neighbor or a friend in need.

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