The relationship between the immigration experience and current status in US society essay sample

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The relationship between the immigration experience and current status in US society of the selected ethnical group

Plato is a Greek philosopher, student of Socrates, Aristotle's teacher. He was the first philosopher whose writings have come down to us not in the brief passages cited by others, but completely.The famous work of Plato "The seventh letter" for a long time was considered a non-genuine, created in his school, but recent studies have attributed this letter to Plato.

From this work modern readers became aware of the political ambition of Plato in his youth and the reasons for his rejection of those dreams. This letter is also famous because in this letter Plato connects philosophy and political life in one.In addition, "The seventh letter" describes the origins of speech act theory. There you can find a great argument about the several phases that every person goes through when he speaks. In his theory Plato proceeds from the axiom that the purpose of any speech is knowledge.

The definition of wisdom

Like Plato, Aristotle believed that the knowledge of the general makes a man wise, as wise man knows everything possible, even though he has no knowledge of each subject separately. This is because knowledge about everything has someone who has the least to the greatest general knowledge, for in a sense he knows all fall under the general. But perhaps the most difficult for a person to know it is the most common, because it is the farthest from the sense perceptions. Therefore, the philosophy of Aristotle was referred to as the "divine science" as it is it by learning the wisdom of the Creator is called to solve His best overall design.The difference of opinion of Plato and Aristotle lies in the fact that Plato considered all the common and very general terms - "ideas" on which, as the beginning of all, dominated very general "idea". Those were not only outside the world of sense, but were represented either by classification or quantitative concepts which are not able to reflect the movement of sensible things. Plato even argued that the general concepts are not perceptible to the senses, the knowledge of which is absent, but to the eidos.Aristotle, on the contrary, sought such general concepts, which are inseparable from sensible things and by which it was possible to reflect their move, appearance and destruction. According to his plan, it is not the number and classification of the concept, as in Plato, and the "first causes and principles".The analysis of sophistic and non-sophistic advertisingThe main trait of modern sophism is the manipulation of public opinion, and it exists in a great variety of forms. Modern sophists are primarily public relations specialists, especially political. Their work is to popularize in the society certain politicians.

Some claim that from the certain standpoint elections are also the invention of modern sophists. That is particularly true for developing countries, where oligarchs seek for support of the illiterate part of the population. That means …

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