The Role of The Internet in Social Security essay sample

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The Role of The Internet in Social Security

How effective is the internet in enhancing social security?

The capability of the internet as a platform that when well managed can enhance security is portrayed in Sujoy Ghosh film: Kahaani.

The lead actress uses her skills as an engineer to discover a trail of crime associated with her husband’s death. She was a professional in her field since she used an IP address to lock a trail of the convicts who had organized for a gas attack two years ago. The actress relies on the internet as an important tool in solving her quest throughout the film.

How risky is it to leave traces of crime online? The ability of the lead actress to identify the criminals behind the gas attack was easier since the people responsible for crime conducted it online. Later in the movie, the lead actress cracked a code stored on a suspect’s laptop cloud. She was able to gather traces of clues in the movie by retrieving most of the valuable information via the internet platform. The movie shows that leaving traces of crime online is dangerous since it is easily identified.

How vulnerable is personal information over the internet? The ease of tapping personal information over the internet is displayed within the movie when the actress acquires details of an inspector associated with the gas attack two years ago. The information she discovered was important since a criminal was willing to trade it for her ‘missing’ husband.

How has the internet platform advanced since its introduction? The internet’s potential is represented as complex since the lead actress can use it as a tool and solve her mystery. The ability of the internet has grown from when it was introduced to the present state where it can perform difficult …

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