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The Show Must Go On

Queen is a British rock band that became popular in the second half of the twentieth century. It is considered one of the most famous rock groups. Its songs played a significant role in the history of rock music since they achieved a lot of support from fans and critics all over the world. It originally consisted of Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Freddie Mercury and Brian May. Their music became classical and achieved worldwide recognition because of the enormous and overwhelming energy that is laid in every song. Queen’s concerts and videos were highly appreciated by the masses and became an exemplar. Moreover, they had strong importance for the industry of show business (White).

“The Show Must Go On” is certainly one of the best songs of Queen. However, it is crucial to know the history of the group to understand how much efforts this song required. As Freddie Mercury was terribly suffering from AIDS, he was not able to express his emotions and thoughts through poetry. In addition, Mercury's voice betrayed him either. This song started with a chord progression written Roger Taylor and John Deacon. The major part of the text was written by Brian May and Freddie Mercury, who managed to overcome his illness and finish the last song. It is hard to imagine how he managed to do it, as his health was in a terrible condition and death became a matter of time. Anyways, the song was performed excellently and became one of the best rock songs of all times two times, before and after the death of Freddie Mercury, who spent the last vital forces on it.The first lines of the song give me an opportunity to think about the purpose of life (00:00-00:38). I believe that every person has his own destination in this world. Everyone is here to fulfill his duty regardless of what he is, where he is and when it should happen. However, before it happens people are confused about their lives, they do not understand what they are looking for. The question of eternal search is bothering the author of these lines. He is willing to discover the purpose this search and to discover if the results are reachable. From the very beginning of the song, the melody is preparing us. It is slow and sharpens our ears. As the questions about the human destination take place, the melody of the song mesmerizes me and keeps me waiting for the answers. It helps to separate the lines from each other and to see Freddie Mercury who is expecting his death and trying to look through his life and to comprehend its purpose. In my opinion, the melody perfectly fits this part of the song, as it gives me a possibility to imagine Freddie at the last days of his life. He is sane and confused.

The next four lines of the text can be understood differently. In my opinion, …

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