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The Southern and Northern States

The North should not have allowed the South to secede, as the Union’s restoration, in this case, would have been unlikely and the two new countries would have divided the nation causing instability and conflicts of both parties, as well as upsetting the progress of the entire region.

The Southern states were part of the Union and had their rights respected over decades, with a number of compromises made. These were agreed to by the South and were adopted according to the democratic standards. Therefore, they can be seen as the attempts on the part of the North to preserve the stability and integration of the country. Such measures included the Three-Fifths Compromise, the Missouri Compromise, and the Compromise of 1850.

The would-be Confederacy states were duly represented in the Congress. The intention of the South to secede was underpinned by its intention to preserve, at any cost, the infamous system of slavery, which was the mainstay and guarantee of its great wealth. Realizing that the North was developing in a more dynamic and progressive way and its population was growing faster than that in the South, the slave-owing states wanted a secession. It was their desperate attempt to isolate themselves from the course of history and preserve the system that, by that time, had been condemned by different civilized countries of the world.

That was the main reason of hostility towards the centralized power enhanced by the fear of having the President elected according to the votes of the electorate majority of the North. Therefore, the stubborn opposition of the Southern states to democratic reforms and its misconceptions of having a swift and victorious war against the North were the main causes of the national tragedy of the Civil War, which should teach both politicians and the public to remember the lessons of the past and never make such errors …

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