The Staffing – Outcomes Relationship in Nursing Homes essay sample

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The Staffing – Outcomes Relationship in Nursing Homes

The primary purpose of the study was to examine the relationships between the representatives of the staffing in nursing homes in order to check that the quality of care in nursing homes has increased significantly. The study aimed at examining whether there were improvements in nursing homes and whether basic challenges, such as, for example, food sanitation, inappropriate pills and drugs, and this list can be prolonged, were met.


The authors used a descriptive method. A Minimum Data Set (MDS) assessment was used to get information about the quality of care in nursing homes. The authors also used facility-level information to get more sufficient information. The authors used a number of samples of different residents and facilities. The first sample represented about 10% of residents and facilities that were freestanding in five states. The final sample consisted of more than 390,000 resident assessments from more than 1,300 facilities.


The research has shown that skill mix cannot lead to exogeneity rejection in the outcome equation of pressure sore. Pressure sore rates are considered to decline significantly. The quality of food sanitation and the level of infection control have increased.


A limitation of the study can be described in terms of the generalizability, because the sample was based on the information from nursing homes that are located in five states of the United States.


Additional research that would focus on the main peculiarities of the mechanisms and principles of the staffing-outcomes relationships is required. Additional research will help to improve the causality …

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