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The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin


Kate Chopin is one of the first feminist writers; the characters of her novels are women, who are striving to get rid of the masculine power over them.II. The thesis statement: Using the concept of happiness, the author tells us about the family life without love, which is like a prison for the main character and shows her облегчение after learning that she is free


Louise feels terrific happiness when finds out about her husband’s death. She doesn’t accept the death “with a paralyzed inability to accept its significance” like the most of the women do. After a crying for some time, she goes to her room and stays alone there, starting to feel something she hasn’t been feeling when her husband was near – happiness.At first, she doesn’t want to admit this fact even to herself, but later this feeling overwhelms her.The happiness is hidden.Louise is shy of her feeling – being a decent wife she has to be upset about the death.The author doesn’t mention the word “happiness” in the novel, replacing it with words like “monstrous joy, free, spring life, blue sky, feverish triumph, in welcome, tumultuously, the joy that kills”.The main character’s feelings are shown through the description of nature. Women are unhappy in marriage.It seems that Louise has been waiting for her husband’s death the whole life.She is so shocked and distressed when sees her husband safe and sound that she even has a heart attack.


The concept of happiness lies in showing how happy a woman may be after the death of the husband whom she doesn’t love. The author blames the husband of Louise because of her being unhappy in marriage.

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