The Use of Personal Assessment for Managing Ethics in the Work Place essay sample

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The Use of Personal Assessment for Managing Ethics in the Work Place

Ethical misconduct can lead to deterioration of the relationships within the team and jeopardize the success of the whole organization. Good implementation of workplace ethics help a manager to recruit and retains top-quality employees, create the satisfying working environment, and effectively handle different mishaps, which can arise due to employees’ diverse cultures, believes, and values.

The purpose of the paper is to consider managing ethics in the workplace with a help of personality assessment.The Big Five assessment is the most commonly used test aimed at identification of five major traits of personality: openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, and neuroticism. The results give such valuable information as an assessment of personal consciousness, conformity, the need of control, impulsivity, emotional stability, rebellious character, ego control, etc., which have a direct impact on employer’s behavior in the workplace (“Five Factor Model”).

Myers-Briggs personality test worked out on the basis of Jung’s theory of physiological types is another valuable way to evaluate personality. This test identifies what a person has/is more in the four pairs of traits: introversion (I) or extraversion (E), intuition (I) or sensing (S), thinking (T) of feeling (F), judging (J) or perceiving (P) (“16 personalities”). Such information helps managers recruit and select the employees who will be the best fit in terms of the company’s culture, as well as explain work-related behaviors of the employees. It is particularly important during recruitment and selection.

The study of the organizational values helps to set the requirements to the candidates and gives a manager understanding how a candidate is going to conduct in situations relating to ethical decisions and how he going to respond to ethical demands put forward by the organization.

To conclude, personality assessments provide a good understanding of the employees’ values and possible conducts, which can be used by the manager during recruiting, for choosing the top-quality people who are the best match for the company, as well as for preventing conflicts and promoting job satisfaction among employees.


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