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Key Biographical Details

Theodosius I, also known as Theodosius junior was born in Cauca in the Spanish province of Taraconensis in AD 347 (Ermatinger, p. 101). The father to Theodosius, also known as the ‘Master of Horse’ under Valentinian was referred to as Theodosius the elder. Theodosius joined army and served as a member of his father’s staff when fighting in Britain in AD 368.

Additionally, Theodosius was also a member of the army staff that fought against the Alemanni. However, Theodosius went into exile in Spain after his father was convicted of treason and put to death in AD 375 (, n.p.). Theodosius 1 ruled the Roman Emperor from 379 to 39 and was the last emperor of to govern both the eastern and western halves of the Roman Empire. Upon accepting his elevation, Theodosius campaigned against the Goths and all the barbarians, who had earlier on invaded the Roman Empire. He never killed, expelled or completely subjected them, and thus after the Gothic War, they created a homeland in Illyricum, that is located to the south of Danube-within the Roman Empire’s boundaries. Theodosius the Great fought two severe wars, whereby he defeated the Magnus Maximus and the Eugenius at an expensive cost to the mightiness of the Roman Empire (Smith, p. 874).

Theodosius the Great also gave out decrees that sufficiently established Orthodox Nicene Christianity as the accepted national church of the Roman Empire. Theodosius the Great further dissolved the command of the Vestal Virgins within Rome. In early 393, he brought to end all the pagan rituals of the Olympics within the Ancient Greece. Following his death, his two sons, Arcadius and Honorius, took over the East and West halves in that order. Since that time, the Roman Empire has never been re-united (Smith, p. 874). His Career and Death Having been born to a great military personnel, Theodosius acquired his military skills via campaigning with his dad’s staff in Britannia when he had go to assist quell he might Conspiracy in 368 (Magill, p. 1142). In the year AD 373, he was made the governor of the Upper Moesia and overviewed hostilities from the Sarmatia’s and later on from the Alemannic.

Theodosius was the military chief commander of the Moesia, which is a Roman division to the lower of Danube, back in 374. However, in a short while, and almost at a similar time when his father was disgraced and executed, he retired to Hispania. The reason as to why he opted to retire and the connection of his retirement with his father is still unclear. It is possible that he was dismissed by the emperor Valentina 1. Theodosius the Great was later beheaded at Carthage in the reign of Valens in AD 376 (Magill, p. 1142). The Main Events that took place in Theodosius' life Ambrose Opposes Emperor Theodosius 1 Ambrose was the Bishop of Milan, Italy for approximately 15 years, at the time when the severe massacre occurred in Thessalonica, Greece.

In a revenge mission, Theodosius …

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