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Theology Homework

Question 1

Medieval church history surprised me because the bishops gathered around themselves individuals who were the best and the brightest who took their education in the cathedral schools found in the cities. The bishops did not take individual from rural monasteries after commercial and urban revolution gave rise to cathedral schools.

Question 2

Something familiar about the medieval church history is the scholastic method of teaching where a theologian used to ask a question and clearly explain methodologically the reasons why a certain answer was correct and why the others were not correct. Some theologians in the modern society still use the scholastic method that makes it familiar to me.

Question 3

In the current world, we can draw models and lessons from the medieval church history by conducting crusades as we find them increasing the relationship among people. In the medieval church history, we find that crusades had a great influence on the relations among the Christians, Jews and Muslims that can also be implied in the current world. Besides, in the early church history devotions rose where people received Communion to confess their sins which is an important lesson today as people take the Communion as a way of repenting.

Question 4

The papal revolution at some point was positive as it produced a papal monarchy where the bishops of the church stepped up to protect the interests of the church as there was a fall in the Roman Empire. Monarchial systems can be adopted as they can lead to reinventions, but the negative impacts of papal monarchy are that it leads to corruption and bribery as it is based on bureaucracy.

Question 5

There are some links between medieval evangelical awakening and the movements that are carried out in the church today as in the case of crusades and devotions.

Question 6

The legacy that the Crusades gave is the relations that are created among people.

Question 7

Medieval church played a major role in giving rise to the current churches in the world and the three major elements that they focused on are the evangelization, devotion, and crusades.

Question 8

When medieval Christians thought about the church, the spread of faith came into their minds as the churches play a major role in making people come together and spread the faith to …

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