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Question one

Texas code of conduct for education offers guidelines on how educators are supposed to carry themselves in institutions. This code of ethics helps them to be fair and treat all students equally. It ensures safety for students when obeyed Some of the codes are easy to follow yet others are hard. Some codes that will be hard but not impossible for me to follow include; using property, equipment and personnel for my personal gain and using the institution professional privilege to my advantage or partisan advantage. Favoritism is code that will be hardest for me follow.Institutions have different kinds of people with different behaviors. It will be hard for me not to give threats to stubborn or rude students in a class. Another one code is using school materials for personal gain or being a partisan when dealing with cases.

I will tend to favor discipline students when they are wrong, unlike students who are constantly making mistakes. (Parkay, Stanford, B & Gougeon, 2010).It is most likely that I will give priority to people related to me when giving grants. This is a violation the code of conduct which states that and educator shall not exclude students from participating in a program, deny benefits to students, or grant and advantage to students by race, color, gender, disability, national origin, religion, family status or sexual orientation. This then requires that one acquire virtues of fairness and compassion for them to be able to treat all students equally. (Parkay, Stanford, B & Gougeon, 2010).

Question two

According to Garner & Black 2004. Of the Blacks’ law dictionary, a contract is an agreement, upon sufficient consideration to do or not to do a particular thing. It is an intentional agreement between two or more persons with a lawful deliberation. The parties agree on whether to do or abstain from doing something. A contract is like a promise. One party makes a promise and assent to the other. They enter into an agreement with a promise on either side. In a contract, one person makes an agreement and binds himself to the other party to offer, do or permit or forbid from doing something. The biletaral agreement that consists of two parties each promising to do an act. These parties could be individuals, governments, businesses or groups. The actions are normally binding and supportive. Both parties can agree to do or not to do.A contract binds parties lawfully. The promises must be put into consideration so that they are fair for both parties. The parties sign the agreements as a sign of commitment to the promises.

Terminating a contract is done formally. Where letter are written to request a termination but it becomes fairer when there is a mutual agreement to terminate as no party will lose. A contract, in conclusion, is a covenant that binds parties, and it obliges them to fulfill what they promised to …

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