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Theory of Aging

Researchers believe that the mean lifespan of a person can increase to ensure the human species lives to maximum longevity. The assertion requires research on aging, with the intent of discovering a drug or product to slow down the process. Network Theory, Remodeling Theory and ROS-DNA Theory are fundamental scientific ideas that explain the process of aging. The paper seeks to analyze the three systems and recommend the best theory to use in researching a product targeted to slow down the process of aging.

The Network Theory suggests that a combination of multiple biological processes influence aging. Therefore, it is impossible to attribute aging to a single mechanism in the body. The theory views the body as a series of interconnected networks of cellular systems. Aging occurs as the interconnected biological systems in the human body begin to fail. Eventually, a total system failure occurs leading to the death of a subject. The analysis suggests that the rate of failure of an individual’s network determines their lifespan (Yashin, 2015). Research aiming to increase the lifespan of a person will find ways to slow down the failure of biological systems in the body. A study of the network theory to determine a way to slow down aging is a holistic approach because it considers many biological factors rather than one element.

The physiological and biological processes that occur during aging increases an individual’s susceptibility to illnesses and extreme environmental conditions (Rattan, 2005). Moreover, aging causes a gradual loss of a person’s mobility and agility. The remodeling theory of aging suggests that an organism’s inability to adapt to these changes leads to the manifestation of age-related illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases among others (Rattan & Kaseem, 2006). The use of remodeling theory in increasing lifespan will target to find ways to ensure the body adapts to the changes caused by aging. Consequently, diseases associated with aging will reduce, and individuals will experience a longer lifespan.Variations of ROS DNA Theory speculate that the accumulation of destroyed DNA within the body causes aging (Percival, 2009). However, some scientists feel that the theory lacks enough data to suggest that damaged DNA is the key factor that causes aging. The presence of chemical within the body, particularly superoxide anions and hydroxyl radicals, causes damage to DNA. The exposure of DNA to these hyperactive compounds accelerates the process of aging. Research based on the theory would require scientists to evaluate chemical processes in the body and analyze DNA.

The Network Aging Theory stands as the most promising idea to use in researching a product to increase the human lifespan. The ROS DNA Theory fails to account for other factors that contribute to aging because damaged DNA cells cannot cause rapid aging exclusively. Moreover, the lack of proper research on the theory makes it difficult for scientists to work because they require extensive literature review. The remodeling theory is a significant idea that holds the potential to serve as a basis for research on …

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