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Elements of communication process

Therapeutic Communication is a face-to-face delivery of thoughts, ideas and feelings between the physical and patient to improve the patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

Nurses use therapeutic communication techniques to give help and information to clients

Elements of communication process

Handout: Nursing Module for Therapeutic Relationships-Communication and Self-Awareness

There is a sender and receiver of the information. The sender creates a message, whereas the receiver provides his feedback. The message can be sent through visual, auditory (words and cues), and kinesthetic (sensation) channel.

Therapeutic communications have the following principles:

It is important to plant interview at an appropriate time, ensure privacy, establish guidelines for therapeutic interactions, allow calm throughout the contact, foster the expression of feelings and be aware of one’s own feelings during interaction.

Barriers to therapeutic communications Barriers to therapeutic communications The nurse presents a meaningless support when he tells something like: “Everything will be OK” or “You will be alright”. Switching the subject is for example to start speaking about the weather or other irrelevant issues.

Common sayings capture phrases such as: “The doctors knows best.” Imparting beliefs or values on the client is done by saying what he should do.When English is a second language, the lack of ability to communicate well with the health care staff may develop unfavorable effects on the client, in reactions to interventions. Cultural differences are also important to consider.

For instance, some cultures to do not choose to make eye contact when speaking or being to why other cultures may feel it is insulting not to make eye contact when speaking. The method of distributing and accepting communication may differ amongst gender. Females react to nonverbal cues, and males favor space between themselves and others. Nurse should construct the meaning of the message, inspire clients to communicate, permit clients to control the course of the conversation, emphasize the feeling, assist the receiver to understand the message from the sender, as well as rephrase sentences to make sure the sender understands the …

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