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The Earth is full of various energy sources. The one that is used by humanity the most is oil. Unfortunately, this type of natural source is not endless and sooner or later there will be a necessity to replace it by another one. Modern science discovered lots of alternative ways to supply the world with energy. It is important to establish the usage of various sources that are ecologically safe and renewable. However, there are some issues linked with fast replacing of the traditional sources with the alternative ones, as well as there is no urgency in that for the present.


Energy is one of the essential parts of the modern civilization. Today, there are two types of energy-sources: traditional and alternative. Both of them have their pros and cons. The most common issues about the traditional energy sources are their depletion and increasing price. Also, the ways of their extraction and usage are harmful for the ecology. The alternative sources, on the other hand, are absolutely safe for the nature and for the people. However they also have some negative sides like the high cost of their establishment as a primary source of energy, energetic flow instability and the need to locate power plants on the huge areas of the land and water. (Lacalle, 2015)Despite all of the issues, there is a need to develop and implement the usage of solar and water-power, because the humanity slowly arrives at the peak oil.

Of course, the oil resources are huge for the present day and a lot of time will pass until the earth will completely run out of it, but we have to ensure that the world will have a new ways of energy-supplement by the time it will happen. It is also important, because the peak oil will result into the huge inconvenience for the ordinary people, who will have to save on the fuel and electricity or even sell their cars and buy smaller houses due to the reduction of the energy sources and their high prices.There are lots of alternative sources that can be used and which are already a part of the energetic systems around the world. USA successfully brought into production solar energy and wind-power. Their biggest benefit is that they are endless. They can be used forever and the only problem is to build the devices that will produce maximum energy out of those sources. Every year there are new discoveries and inventions in this sphere and it is important to keep in that way to avoid power-crisis in the future. (Steeby, 2011)


For the past few decades, humanity started to change the priorities in the power-supplement. Ecological sources of energy became an essential part of the entire system and produced 21 percent of the entire world`s power amount. Despite that, oil remains to be the leading source of energy. But its reserves are reducing and soon the alternative sources will become the …

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