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Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace

I totally agree with Michelle and Reina suggestions. Trust and betrayal are important principles that must attract utmost attention as possible. Trust implies to a firm belief in someone or something, and it is built over a period through interactions (Reina D. , 2010).

While betrayal is a feeling of having been let down by those who trust, trust and betrayal are emotional factors, and therefore, it is challenging for the leaders to trust their juniors, since they are not emotional in their leadership. Reina’s sentiments on this issue of trust influence my argument though I have experienced this in my job. In most business dealings, the parties involved expect trust from each other, and therefore, trust becomes the critical factor towards contract formation (Reina & Synnestvedt, 2015).

For workers to maintain a strong work relationship, they have to maintain the strong working relationship which incorporates confidence and zero betrayal cases. Business transactions are based on trust, where the buyers give their trust to the sellers, and they expect to be accorded the same trust (Reina D. , 2010). Each party trust that the other party will fulfill their promises and, therefore, they agree to enter into a contract. In an organization, when employees fail to honor the trust accorded to them by their colleagues or their managers, it may sometimes fuel bad working relationship as it brings a feeling of insecurity and also disrespect (Reina & Synnestvedt, 2015).

With trust, employees and their seniors can mutually share ideas which are beneficial for the business growth. But when one group betrays the trust, it may alter free communication and mutual sharing of ideas (Reina D. , 2010). In my case, I once entered into a contract with a particular businessman to supply some good to his premises, after the contract was fully signed and I began working, the businessman kept on coming to my house to check whether I was around since he felt that I could not honor my word.

Due to this mistrust, I ended up canceling the contract, because I felt under considerable pressure, and also, I was not given enough time to fulfill my obligation. Therefore, trust and betrayal are essential components which leaders should always invest in.


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