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I agree the healthcare system framework in America is influenced by the advancement of modern medical science. Today, the healthcare system is made up of organizations and staff that provide health services as well as public, private and government organizations. Also, personal medical care services are part of the healthcare system. The evolution of this system is founded on the acceptance of the term ‘theory’ as the cause of illness. The World War II marked the start of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) that became prevalent in the 1980s. During this period, the HMOs dominated reimbursement to physicians and the institution of healthcare. The fee-for-service system became less efficient as the physicians found themselves working for organizations that made high profits from the prepaid healthcare. After sometime, the fee-for-service was overtaken by a managed care system that determined a fee for each patient in a given period. As a result, the patients are forced to get involved with their healthcare (Sullivan, 2009).


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I agree healthcare has changed because of updates and technology especially with the introduction of computers. Advancement in technology has led to the development of health information systems (HIT) that collect, store, retrieve and transmit data. The main objective of HIT in healthcare is to manage health information. Such data is utilized by healthcare providers, insurance companies, patients, administrators and other stakeholders in healthcare. Information technology influences healthcare system through easy and fast documentation of each transaction. In addition, technology has changed the way diagnostic processes are carried out as well as data communication mode. Consequently, the advances in technology result in the continued increase of healthcare costs (Niles, 2014). It is estimated that technology takes up about 25% of the total healthcare costs and hence the need to manage it. The management of technology entails the application of managerial techniques and concepts, which results in full realizations of the benefits of computerization (Geisler & Heller, 2012).


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