Understanding perceptions of health, disability, illness, and behavior (Outilne) essay sample

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Main Body1.

Understanding perceptions of health, disability, illness, and behavior

Concepts of health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. It relates to the human’s ability to do daily activities, get education, work and live independently

Normality is normal human biological nature idealized for imposing “orders on variation” (Concepts of Disease and Health,2008) Disability is a physical or mental condition that prevent people leading normal life or get education, job, or recreation.Illness – disorders or disabilities that people have for a short or long period of time

Behavior issues are changes in normal acting of people that may lead to problems with health

Change in perception of people specific needs

The perception of people with specific needs was changed greatly over the time. If in the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries people with individual needs were considered disabled and unable to live, study, and work independently, today they are taken as common people just with certain needs. At the country where there is a certain equipment and necessary conditions for people with individual needs, they can live rather independently. The main problem that often our streets, buildings, and society are not adjusted to such citizens. Consequently, the only thing which prevents people with individual needs have common live is inconveniences which other people do for them. The impact of social policy, legislation, culture on the availability of service for individuals in UK. The social policy, legislation and culture have a great impact on the availability of the services for individuals with special needs in UK. First of all, it allows supporting families with children who have individual needs, provide them with necessary health and care services, help learning at secondary schools and socializing. What is more, social policy and legislation allows people with individual needs get job and be independent citizens of the country. Finally, the change in the culture and attitude to the people with individual needs help them reduce the gap between themselves and other people and not to feel black sheep in the crowd.


Sector Skill Organization Policy

Justify the influence on maximizing rights of people with specific needs

1 Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Skills for Justice

The government of UK High, since it prevents discrimination of people at workplace, study organizations and so on. It allows achieving equity

2. The Children’s National Service FrameworkSkills for Care and Developmentthe Department of Health and the Department for Education and SkillsIt protects the rights of children for education and supports their learning

3. Vision for Adult Social CareSkills for Care and Developmentthe Social Care Institute for Excellence helps the Government to consult with people who work in and who use social care services It will improve the attitude to people with specific needs (Prime Minister’s Strategy …

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