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Unethical Communication

The best business communication is both logical and ethical. However, it is not uncommon for people to make mistakes and not follow obvious rules of business communication. It usually results in either a boring presentation that will be soon forgotten by the audience or even a conflict. First of all, unethical communication is not egalitarian. In other words, a speaker doesn't treat the audience as equals. An example of this unethical communication might be using narrow, highly specialized terms that are known to a particular group of people, while the presentation is addressed to a wide audience.

When a speaker treats an audience as below him or herself only due to the differences in age, gender, race and other characteristics, it is a clearly case of unethical communication. Aside from being egalitarian, a good speaker should be respectful. It is quite obvious because people want to be respected not only in terms of business, but also in an everyday life. Being disrespectful means allowing yourself to act in inappropriate way towards others. For example, losing your temper in the middle of the speech or treating your customer badly because you had a bad morning or something like that. Also, disrespect may come as being rude towards a colleague just because you strongly disagree with his or her opinion.

Last, but not least unethical communication is not trustworthy. Trust is probably more important than both being respectful and egalitarian as our lives are built on it. Providing false information makes you untrustworthy in the eyes of other people. If you manipulate others into thinking something is true when it is not, it is an act of breaking the trust of others. Saying something that you think is true, because your research made you consider it true doesn't mean you cannot be trusted, but giving people statements that you're not so sure of can. The first case of unethical behavior is, unfortunately, quite common in the offices all over the world. The boss is telling his employee that if he is going to work harder on a project and finish it before the deadline, he will get a day off. It motivates employee to work not only harder, but longer; he may even do it in his free time. Then when the project is finished before the deadline and an employee mentions the day off to his boss. He says that there's too much work to do and he cannot grant a day off to an employee. It makes an employee feel not only disappointed, but also deceived.

As a result he may have troubles trusting his boss in the future. Another case of unethical behavior is disrespecting client's personal information. There is a solid reason for doctor-patient confidentially privilege exists. Personal information is sacred that is why when people asked to share it with a stranger they are reluctant to do so. By discussing client's personal information with people outside a company a worker proves that he is unethical and …

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