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Adoption of Electronic Media Records (EMR) Recently it was announced that federal government will penalize medical practices that don’t adopt electronic medical records. It means that all medical facilities which are not using EMR to the date are required to initiate transition from paper-based records in order to avoid being penalized with the period defined by federal government. Valley Medical Center is considering beginning converting soon as one of facilities still using paper-based record approach. Given the scope of work, the head of Valley Medical center recently reported that converting paper-based records to EMR will be complex. Converting procedure assumes that all paper-based records that satisfy records management requirements should be either destroyed due to the validity expiration, or adjusted to digital format. It is anticipated that converting will be technically challenging. It will probably be time-consuming and labor-intensive, involving support of additional staff assigned for this work. The head of Valley Medical Center, however, is confident that converting should bring better patient care and maybe even lower costs in the long run. Being an acolyte of digitized medical treatment forms, he says that this would bring a new level of medical service. It is also important that the federal government provides funds to reimburse the cost of adopting technology, meaning that Valley medical Centers will not require investing much in this …
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