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United States in 1960s

The 1960s is a very significant and landmark period in the history of the United States. The major events ranging from the technological advances, political transformation, and monumental medical discoveries that occurred in that the period left trail marks and legacies that have continued to shape the history of the US creating a long and conspicuous indelible mark. The essay describes three events in the 1960s that have shaped the country’s history 50 years on.

Politically, the 1960s saw American liberalism reaching its peak coupled with Lyndon Johnson’s attempts to take the welfare liberalism to a whole new level (Fowler 59). However, because of the costly South Asian war that created a diversion of funds coupled with a complete collapse of the Democratic Party alliance were major impediments to its success.

Biologically, the 1960s saw the approval of the controversial birth control pill by the FDA. Despite the immense criticism and ridicule by the conservatives, the birth control pill got approval with the major aim of controlling population growth through prevention of unintended pregnancies. With slight modifications, the birth control pill in currently one of the most consumed pill worldwide because of the growing desire to have the world populations kept in check. American counterculture in the 1960s improved America in several ways, for instance, it opened windows to a lot of technological advances, economic opportunities as well as awareness on mainstream issues, for instance, environmentalism, women’s rights and racial equality.

Thus, the 1960s was a period that ushered in a wave of transformation following World War II that shaped America in many aspects. The myriad of events and occurrences that transpired during that time frame fashioned an indelible mark that has lived on for half a century in the country up to now.

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