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Student NameProfesor NameClassDateMy source, “The Precocious Mind: The Intellectual Development of Charlotte Perkins Gilman” examines the intellectual influences on Gilman’s work. Notable about Gilman was her pursuit of education in spite of society’s desire to keep woman in domestic roles. She struggled against significant obstacles in order become a learned woman and a great writer. Gilman also believed that fiction could help change society, so she used her work as a voice for change. After her marriage, Gilman had less time to study, so her early intellectual development was critical in her formation as an artist. We can see evidence of Gilman’s desire to change society in her story “Unnatural Mother”. In the story, despite the fact that the protagonist saves the town, the other characters judge her for deviating from social norms. This was a problem Gilman faced often in her own life, she was often criticized for not following societies’ will.Silcox, H. M. (2010). The precocious mind: The intellectual development of charlotte perkins gilman (Order No. 1475821). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (305227913). Retrieved from …
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