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Unsuccessful Digital User Experiences

My latest unsuccessful digital user experience is linked with www.foxnews.com . Unlike the television network, the Fox web-page has several issues that make its usage a little bit uncomfortable. Thought there are few technical problems, the main inconveniences are based on the visual design of the site. The homepage is the first aspect to consider. It would be right to say that it is absolutely chaotic. It shows too much different information at once. At the center of the page there is a single article with a huge image. That article has a short comment under the title and a list of the videos which are entitled with such a small font size that all of the words are literally looking like a bunch of dark-blue spots. Of course, they are possible to read, but it causes some eye-strain and will definitely lead to the visual exhaustion really quick in case of a continued reading of the different video titles.

The text size is generally one of the most relevant inconveniences of the www.foxnews.com . All of the titles on the homepage are written with a terribly small letters. And there are almost no significant delimitations between the sentences except the small red spots at the beginning of the titles in the “Latest news” section. Moreover, the entire homepage looks really small. The news feed is located at the center of the screen and there are two huge white spaces at the sides where nothing is posted or written. That amount of space should be used to place all of the videos and articles there. It would really offload the congested news feed which is overwhelmed with all kinds of textual media. In fact, the entire homepage places all of the articles and videos together in a spot, while they could be located more rationally around the free areas and be easier for the visual perception.

If the size of the articles could be much bigger, the actual size of the homepage could be reduced. The news feed is unnecessarily stretched so much, that it takes almost ten seconds to scroll down to the bottom of the page, and that is plenty. Everything would be fine if there was a true need for that, but in reality such long news feed just offers the user a little bit extended version of the sections which are already available on the top of the homepage. Why would somebody need to endlessly scroll down through the “Sports”, “Tech”, “Science” and ‘Entertainment” sections if there is already a more convenient separation of them at the top of the page? The funniest thing is that all of those sections are available even at the bottom of the page. It means that the site actually offers three options, which are completely similar. And even despite that, the Fox administration or whoever runs the page, could not manage to make them look comfortable. To be fair, there are actually some original …

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