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Applying Memory Terms in My Personal ExperienceName of StudentInstitution affiliationApplying Memory Terms in My Personal Experience In this psychology course, I have learned a lot of fascinating things about human memory, I did not previously even think of. The most helpful information I got acquainted included key processes in human memory and different types of memory. It is only during this course that I realized how deeply our memory in involved in processing in enormous amount of information. With the help of this information, I learned how to train my memory and develop a long-term memory. Namely, learning materials about such key processes in human memory as encoding, storage and retrieval helped me to organize my own memorizing of learning materials and do better with my studies. For example, at the stage of memory encoding I have learned to change the information input into the form that my personal memory system can easily remember and store this information as long as possible. I have analyzed that I better remember and longer store in my memory information that is presented to me in a visual way. So, I started to always pay particular attention to visual materials, and if there is not any to certain topic, I try to find them by myself. As the best way for my memorizing information is watching different videos (this media includes visual and acoustic memory encoding (McLeod, 2007), I now always watch video materials to my lectures and look for related videos in the Internet. This really helps me to study better. I also understood that for development of a long-term memory semantic encoding of information is inevitable (McDermott & Roediger, n.d.). For this reason, I try to put particular meaning into everything I try to learn and remember. Furthermore, I, as well, learned that I can facilitate the process of storage of information by means of searching in my memory certain memory traces, with the help of which I can easier “read out” certain memory records from the past (McDermott & Roediger, n.d.). However, I got to know that memory is constructed not only of what we recall but also of what we believe had happened and that, in many cases, our remembering may be reconstructive, but not productive. In my learning process I observed that I show better results when between learning materials and getting tested on them there is a longer retention interval, during which I can consolidate my memories and put everything together. This period still should not be too long so that I did not start forgetting relevant material. I observed how writing tests help me to remember learning materials better and for a longer period of time. The most interesting part to me is the stage of memory retrieval. I understood that sometimes if I cannot memorize something means simply that I cannot properly retrieve it. I found for myself that LTM form of memory storing and retrieval, which is held by the principle of associations, is more effective …
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