Using alternative methods such as Theatre and drama in peacebuilding and reconciliation essay sample

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The arts appear to offer unique instruments for peacebuilding and reconciliation of numerous conflicts in the contemporary world. Due to their catharsis appeal, intersubjective aspect, and aesthetical power artistic pieces are able to transform interpersonal and transnational confrontation into a constructive bilateral communication.

Creating of the space, where the representatives of distinct interests would be able to freely and unbiasedly express their concerns, dramatic emotions and potential human solutions, should become the priority in this psychodynamic field.

Furthermore, the healing power of art can strongly contribute to the curative side of the problem, as people engaged into the imaginative interpretation of the surrounding world, are able not only to pacify the outer reality, but harmonize their inner cognitive misbalance, imposed by the traumatic experience. Therefore, numerous practitioners in the sphere of peacebuilding constantly conceptualize and elaborate new strategies to develop them into an integrated innovative scenario capable of global conflictive issues resolving. However, those conceptual attempts are evidenced by the lack of solid theory and analytical research. Valid instruments for conclusive and credible evaluation of art-based techniques.

Thus, the research in this field should move from quite simplistic approaches towards precise and more productive articulation of artistic manifestations in peacebuilding, effective approaches of their using, and elaboration of techniques for evaluation of their usage. Therefore, the main purpose of the paper is to provide an exemplified conceptual framework, which is to contribute into art-based conflict resolving and peacebuilding. The purpose of this paper is to represent alternative art-based strategies in peacebuilding in their relation to traditional methods and potential stereotypes linked to them, and, on the other hand, to analyze these strategies (specifically with the examples of drama and theatre) as particularly existential and narrative experiences, related to the spheres of international politics, sociology, anthropology, psychology and ontology.


Despite the fact that art-based initiatives are not yet recognized as the mainstream in global conflict managing, there are important studies evidence and underline their conceptual significance. A growing corpus of scholar literature, dedicated to this issue, emphasized the perceptible interrelation between arts and their potential impact on post-conflict interactive experiences. Some of these studies, above presenting merely theoretical issues, are coupled with specific attempts of elaborating participatory techniques for practical uses (Mtukwa, 2015). Generally, researchers agree on the fact that most organizations, which evolve conflict meditation do not apply art-based mechanisms as an integral part of their national/international activity. This is partially because of the stereotype that arts are smooth forces, incapable of changing drastic real-life controversies. Compared to the hard multi-faceted reality in conflict areas, artistic expression is perceived as an incompetent instrument, not to say useless one. However, numerous peacebuilding practitioners initially were experts in social and political studies rather than in humanities realms or fields of arts (Shank & Schirch, 2008).

Likeso, Michael Shank and Lisa Schirch (2008) are considered to be one of the first who attempted …

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