Using Technology to Improve the Healthcare Communication for Non-English Speaking Patients essay sample

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Using technology to improve the healthcare communication for non-English speaking patients in Orange County Area

Communication in healthcare is an important aspect that encompasses the daily lives of medical professionals.

Communication in health care comprises of the various mechanisms that are used to disseminate health-related information and the interaction between health care professional with the patients (Alpay, Toussaint& Zwetsloot-Schonk, 2004, June). Technology, especially the ICT offers a comprehensive background for which medical communication can be necessitated. It helps in offering a vital link for accessing information as well as exchange and sharing of information. Technology in healthcare communication has seen the use of the advanced process to retrieve information from patients to enhance better assessment of medical problems. Such include the systems that integrate gesture recognition with 3D talking head models that support better treatment of patients who are lying in beds (Keskin, 2007). However, healthcare communication systems have been limited some factor as such geographic and language barriers between the medical professionals and patients (Keskin,2007).

An intervention to strengthen health care communication will thus ensure better health care systems are developed that takes into account the failures of communication such as language barriers(Mahmud, Rodriguez, & Nesbit, 2010).The Orange County of California is made up of different ethnic communities with English and non-English speaking cultures such as the Vietnamese community. Culture barriers in healthcare have resulted in a clash between the Western and Eastern medical practices, different time orientations and family involvements in health care. Moreover, the use of traditional medical practices and the new practices in health have created a wide disparity in medical culture orientation among these groups. However, inefficient communication and differences in communication methods among these groups have curtailed a harmonious health care system. For instance, cases of medical isolation on ethnic grounds and disrespect between health officers and patients have been reported due to inefficiency in communication.

Communication restraints due to cultural orientation among these groups have also curtailed information accessibility on health-related issues (Purnell, 2014). For instance, the Vietnamese culture setting limits touching of an individual when talking. Thus, with these disparities in culture communication in healthcare systems is affected adversely curtailing the delivery of quality health services especially among the non-English speaking groups.The use of technology to promote a streamlined communication in health care is vital for the effective delivery of health care services.

The proposal study thus evaluates how technology can impact on a better communication in healthcare systems in the Orange County of California.

Three questions will be addressed:

(1) what are the main contributors of poor communication in health care systems across the Orange County?

(2)How can the use of technology in communication address these problems?

(3) Which is the best approach to technology will be vital in restoring a good healthcare communication system in the Orange County?

Intellectual merits: Technological advancements can be tapped into the health sector to improve communication in health care systems. A proper communication system ensures a good relationship between health officers and patients and makes subsequent follow-up …

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