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Summer is the greatest season of the year. The days are long and the nights are short. Summer is the hottest part of the year. Also summer is a season of vacations, when you are free to do everything you want and you shouldn’t worry about your job, school or university. A lot of people said that their summer vacations were the best period of their lives and they would like that vacations to last forever. Here I’d like to tell you about my best vacations – summer of 2014. That summer vacations started after a fashion – I’ve just passed last exams and catch a cold. Severe flu broke all my plans and forced me to go to the hospital. Also I canceled a Pacific Ocean cruise, which I planned to attend since I turned 18, due to this disease. I was totally disappointed and broken by this “perfect” start of vacation. But my friends helped me to recover from mine poor mental condition and invited me to the greatest adventure of my life – Trans-continental journey from New-York and Atlantic Ocean to Los-Angeles and Pacific Ocean. I’ve spent one week in New-York – the Big Apple and the City that never sleeps. This city is really special and unique. I saw all that historic and legendary places like The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge. Heretofore I saw these places in famous movies and documentaries, but when I saw them in real life it was really new and undiscovered felling for me. Later in Chicago I’ve meet my pen-friend Billy. He showed me local sightseeing and interesting places. Chicago is also known as Second City so I find a lot of similarities with New-York: huge skyscrapers, great amount of parks and almost the same architecture and weather. I continued my journey at the famous historical Route 66.

I’ve visited a lot of museums and interesting places like historical gasoline stations and drive-in cafes. During this trip I really realized how large USA is and how different are the peoples all around the world: some of them are friendly and positive-minded, others are angry and moody.

At the final point of the trip – Los-Angeles I’ve visited Walt Disney Concert Hall and worlds famous Hollywood Hills. I understand how different USA is: there are a lot of cultural and mental differences between East and West coasts of US. But then I remembered from our History Courses that New-York get a lot of Classical European cultural heritage and Los-Angeles get more Hispanic culture.During this trip I probably imagine how pioneers feel during their journeys. And this is really unbeatable feeling, I’d like to visit a lot of countries and discover their culture in future. It’s always cool to discover something new.When I came back home I also spent a great time with my family. I found how important my family is for me, we should stay together as long as possible. Together we …

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