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Vengeance, Vicious and Violent

Shakespeare created immortal works where humanity for four centuries contemplated the most vivid embodiment of people’s life. Shakespeare, being a Grand Master of characters’ disclosure, showed the extraordinary power of life. “Shakespeare’s telling of the story of Prince Hamlet was derived from several sources, notably from Books III and IV of Saxo Grammaticus’s 12th-century Gesta Danorum and from volume 5 (1570) of Histoires tragiques, a free translation of Saxo by François de Belleforest” (Hamlet).

The tragedy “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” is the most famous play of English playwright. According to many highly respected art lovers, this is one of the most insightful creations of human genius, a great philosophical tragedy. It addresses the most important issues of life and death, which can’t but disturb a single person. The questions that were posted in a tragedy have a truly universal significance. No wonder that at different stages of human thought development people turned to "Hamlet", seeking confirmation of its views on life and the world order. A lot of people consider Hamlet as a play about indecisiveness, and thus about Hamlet’s failure to act accordingly. It could be much more interesting to believe the play showing us how many uncertain situations our lives are built on, how many unknown quantities are taken for granted when people make their choice or when they evaluate someone’s actions (SparkNotes Editors).

However, the "Hamlet" attracts not only those who are inclined to think about the meaning of life in general. Shakespeare indicates severe moral problems that are not abstract at all in their nature. Situations, thoughts, and feelings of the main character deeply affect souls of readers. The power of the tragedy is not only confirmed by its popularity among readers, but also by the fact that now it is on the first place in the repertory of world theatres. Certain plays, such as Hamlet, are consistent favorites of theater directors, movie producers, anthology compilers, book purchasers, scholars, and others forced to make an artistic judgment (Simonton, 499). Sensitive and thoughtful readers are concerned by the fate of many literary heroes and heroines. One should not put himself in Hamlet’s shoes to understand him and sympathize with him, to learn that the father was killed and the mother betrayed the memory of her husband and went to another.

Hamlet is close to readers, especially if they have similar qualities, such as those inherent in Hamlet - a tendency to look at you, immerse in the inner world, being painfully sensitive to injustice and evil, to feel someone else's pain and suffer it.Great works of art eventually acquire one outstanding quality. They become a treasure in the eyes of many people, a kind of admirable sanctuary. But full understanding of the aesthetic values requires certain knowledge and skills that allow not only one heart, but the mind to comprehend the meaning and significance of this work.The first noticeable difference of "Hamlet" among the dramas of our times is that the play is written in …

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