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Video 4 - The Coming of Independence

This essay addresses the “Coming of Independence” video and reflects on the important historical economic implications, interesting and educative information. Initially, Americans were governed by the British Constitution and the British rule of law. They felt “warmly attached to the King of Britain and the Royal family”.

However, the question that the video poses is why Americans declared independence 13 years later. It is interesting that the conflict between Britain and American started over taxes, straight when the Parliament passed the Stamp Act aimed at raising local taxes to support British army in America. Colonists opposed the Stamp Act. After this, colonists started to boycott British goods.

Another protest was initiated when the government passed the Tea Act in 1773. The purpose of the Act was to save the British East India Company. To resist unpopular British economic policies, the US started to cut back imports. It was interesting how people in Boston tried to launch trading beyond the British control and how Britain reacted on this. In my opinion, at the time Britain understood that it was losing its economic power in America.

Although, it punished people, sent troops and even closed the Boston port, the success was not long lasting. The King of England decided that America was in the state of rebellion. In my opinion, it is interested how economic factors led to a confrontation between two countries and America’s independence. Due to the constant will of British to control the economic affairs of America, the colonists initiated the first Continental Congress to discuss an organized American resistance to the British. As a result, a revolutionary government and army support were established to oppose the British army in the US. The first shots of the American Revolution were fired in 1775 at Lexington. Shortly after this, the Declaration of Independence was developed and adopted by all colonies.

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