Viewpoints of Different Cultures on Health, Wellness, Disease Prevention, and Treatment essay sample

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Viewpoints of different cultures on health, wellness, disease prevention, and treatment

Diverse cultures harbor different views concerning health to expound on the causes of illness amongst individuals, how the diseases can be preserved or cured, and fundamentally who should be convoluted in such a process. Cultures incorporate all aspects of ideas, behavior and customs that are shared by a particular group of people that live together and forming a society. The degree to which individuals perceive patient health literacy and their cultural attachment to it can have a profound influence on the way receive the information that is delivered to them and utmost, their willingness to utilize it. The civilized Western Nations, for instance, the United States of America visualize disease as a scientific phenomenon that is natural and therefore, advocate for medicines for treatment with the view of combating microorganisms or make good utilization of sophisticated technology help in diagnosis and final treatment of the disease (Rogers et al., 2013). Other societies tend to believe that diseases are. As a result, some sought of supernatural occurrences and advocated for prayer and other spiritual advances that are in a position to counter the presumed disfavor of the powerful pressures. The culture of a patient plays a pivotal mandate in the compliance of a patient. This article is aimed at the diagnosis of the separate viewpoints of different viewpoints of the culture of the Pacific Islanders on health, wellness, disease prevention, and treatment (Rogers et al., 2013).

The Asians, also called the Pacific Islanders, are from one of the largest ethnic society present in the United States of America. They give some viewpoints with special regards to their cultural beliefs that the healthcare practitioners need to be aware of. The extended bit of the family and the oldest male figure in the household is majorly the key maker of decisions and family spokesman with regards to healthcare facilities and administration (Tse et al., 2015). The securities and honor of the home have a significant effect on the sole members of the family. The lower portion of the family command, a lot of respect and the authority that comes, descends from are entirely respected and goes unquestioned. Amongst these the Asian societies, maintenance of harmony and peace are important fundamental virtues are adored, and the emphasis is put on them to avoid any sought of conflict and confrontations that are direct. Owing to the profound respect for authority, divergences with such recommendations are often completely evaded. Nevertheless, lack of incongruity does not imply that the patient and the family approve with or perhaps will trail on the endorsements assumed based on treatment (Rogers et al., 2013).

Nursing strategies that promote a therapeutic environment

Nurses employ some strategies to ensure that patients get the best on treatment. Nurses evaluate and come up with defined plans to help cure patients in Pacific Islander in the best way possible. The therapeutic environment helps in fostering relationships that are founded on mutual respect and solid trust. They assist …

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