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Volleyball is one of the greatest team game. Volleyball itself originated in the United States and now it is very popular among the U.S. teenagers. Nowadays there are more than 46 million Americans of different age and status who adore playing volleyball and do not imagine their loves without this kind of sport. It became a part of their lives. The game of volleyball is a team game that is why players need to learn to co-operate. It is less violent and less intensive game which needs to be strong and fit and became a great alternative for other kinds of sport.

Volleyball players have to require different team strategies and at the same time do not forget to improve the individual skills. On the classes we have studied that the volleyball is played by two teams with six players on each. They play on a court that is divided by net. All these I have seen on the video. The object of the game is to send the ball over the net and to ground it on the other’s team side. The rules of the volleyball are not complicated but strict. At the same time it is fast game that needs great concentration from all the players. According to the video that I have recently seen the ball was put into play by the player of the right back row who served the ball into the court of the opponents. This continuous till the ball is grounded on the court, goes “out” or some of the teams fails to hit the ball and return it to the opponent’s side.

On the classes we have also studied that the team which serves the ball can score a point. At the same time it is worth to mention the special positions of the volleyball players. On the video there was clearly seen that the players stand in two rows: back and front. Those players who stand on the front row are the central ones and as a rule they get the ball passes or set to. Those volleyball players who are standing on the second row are usually focuses on defense and pass the ball to the setter who is the main player in the offensive attack. The team which scores 15 points with a two-point advantage wins. After watching a video of U.S. volleyball game there appeared the thought that volleyball is an easy sport to play. But after taking to the consideration all those rules and year of practices you imagine that this kind of sport is not easier than the football or basketball. Volleyball as a game teaches to be strong, well concentrated and well organized.

This is the game where each player has a special task and must do it properly without any mistake. According to the video, there were several moments when players were not attentive enough, moreover they were ungathered and that cost them points. On our classes we also listened much about the team spirit, …

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