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Walmart Manages Ethics and Compliance Challenges

Walmart Business Approach and Subsequent Results Towards Supply and Employee Stakeholders

Recently, the global disturbance came across the society regarding Walmart’s status of being unreliable, unsustainable and defective supplier of services, ensuring poor working conditions for its workers (Pitt Business Review, 2014). Since the main Walmart’s essential business philosophy is to keep prices for all their goods as low as possible it entails that their only way to maintain profitability lies down in mass production and, thus, involving great number of workers.

Such approach to business management usually implies sophisticated and complex system of providing and satisfying employees’ requirements, ensuring them with sustainable and reliable guarantees. But, with respect to the total number of workers and distributed system of work division and performance tracking it sometimes becomes impossible to monitor everything at the desired level. Such occasions sometimes spilled out in random claims concerning unacceptable attitude and laws violation. Majority of these suspicions and accusations are based on unpopular Walmart’s practice towards employee stakeholders and complete neglecting of any desires and demands.

Generally, it was discovered that for the last time the total number of filled lawsuits against Walmart concerning ethical problems and other related reasons was approximately up to 5,000, which means 17 claims per day. Such behavior can be mostly explained by disrespectful attitude to the government laws and employees rights. Cases that were detected had been represented trough numerous situations of violations related to the law wage, inappropriate health care, and exploitations workers for different purposes. What should be noticed is that all listed violations extend not only on domestic workers but on foreigners working abroad as well. Another key point implies negative position of retailers to any workers unions. Initially, made up in order to serve workers as communities targeted to help, support and fulfill employees’ requirements, majority of them have been discouraged immediately at the very beginning or disbanded after certain period of time by closing those stores.

Additionally, in order to hide facts of purposeful stores disbanding everything was spotlighted as due to financial problems. Such behavior reflects great efforts by Walmart to avoid providing access to any expressions for improvements of working conditions. One of the best possible examples to underline current situation consists in arrogant abuses of human working force. To support following assertion it is possible to take next examples to make conclusions on how serious and underestimated the pointed problem is. Despite constant refusal of paying minimal wage, the retailers also required overtime working hours. Believing the figures, it is also known cases when labor conditions even had slavery tint. In some particular cases it was registered application of physical force. The number of people, who had got involved in those terrifying conditions, was varying in a range from 100.000 up to 500.000 persons. In accordance with obtained information it is known that one man had been working for half a year without days off during about 14 hours per day.

Given instances highlight solidly general attitude and …

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