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Water Filtration System for Haiti

Describe your company and its operations, relative size, and so forth. Give reasons for your decision to go internationally

LEMN Safe Water is a water filtration company with plans to venture internationally in hopes of providing safe drinking water to locals in Haiti. LEMN is a small, Houston, Texas based company that is independently owned by four women, manufactured by two engineers and four assembly operators. Our company strives to provide the best filtration system to aid countries that have or are dealing with life threatening conditions. It is known that only 40% of people in Haiti have access to clean drinking water (Water.org, n.d.). Due to the lack of safe drinking water there has led to outbreaks of cholera in Haiti (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). By the end of 2010, more than 3,500 people have died due to that disease (Burgess & Waananen, 2012). There is hope that this water filtration system will halt the spread of cholera throughout the rural parts of Haiti. The LEMN organization has decided to go internationally, and our first country to market our product is Haiti because it’s free market economy to the U.S. and the lack of access to clean drinking water (CIA, 2015). While Haiti being a third world country could affect the sustainability of our product being a success, we have confidence that the benefits will be a factor with locals accepting this concept of safe drinking water. We will be placing our filtration system first in the towns of Verrettes and Mirebalais, which are close to the Artibonite River.

Decide on an appropriate country in which to operate and give your rational for this choice

As an organization we have chosen Haiti as a country to operate our product given that this country has been afflicted by lack of purified drinking water. Due to its geographical location, Haiti has recently been a victim to massive earthquakes and hurricanes. The studies show that one of the prominent factors of the cholera epidemic in Haiti is misuse of water within the households (Jackson et al., 2013). With the earthquake of 2010, the water sanitation has been challenging and has left the Haitians vulnerable. Being a poverty-stricken country, it is unlikely that Haiti’s government will manage to rebuild on its own due to the need of substantial external assistance (Stratton, 2013). Our company is applying the appropriateness of technology by implementing cutting edge solar panels that will not only aid our filtration tanks but also eliminate the use of the Haitian government’s energy. With Haiti having “few water treatment facilities [that] are properly functioning for the general public in the country;” LEMN Safe Water can provide solar powered filtration tanks to aid in restoring Haiti’s drinking water one community at a time (Water.org, n.d.).

State your planned entry strategy, and give your reasons for this strategy

The entry strategy which we suggest is establishing a joint venture. It has been decided due to several reasons, the first and …

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