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Water Scarcity

Water scarcity is an essential problem of the whole planet since the welfare of human beings, flora and fauna depend on water resources. Water scarcity is the result of people’s activities and poor resource management in many countries.

Thus, to reduce the problem, the government of every country should implement effective resource management and encourage landscaping.One of the main reasons for water scarcity is deforestation and climate change. Forests are the main sources for water evaporation. It is evident that trees absorb water; however, they return it back to the atmosphere. Thus, the more trees are being cut down, the less water is being evaporated and returned as precipitations.

Withal, water shortage appeared as the result of ineffective environmental protection. Deforestation is another outcome of such negligence. Moreover, overuse of earth resources can also influence quantity and quality of water. Withal, insufficient control of deforestation and environmental pollution and protection lead to water scarcity. Another major reason for water shortage is its overuse and inability to regulate and control its usage. People waste water while brushing teeth or washing dishes; industries do not use water sparingly; however, agricultural business has the hugest impact. Most of the modern agricultural activities use an enormous part of drinking water for irrigation. Moreover, the increase of cattle and poultry breeding leads to additional wastes, which are not properly handled and pollute surface waters. In addition, population growth also causes overuse of water, especially, if there are no restrictions on demand.

Thus, people forget about economizing, and the government cannot realize effective resource management, which causes water scarcity. The problem of deforestation can be solved or, at least, diminished. The government of every country should encourage landscaping and development of green zones. Local farmers should plant fruit trees and bushes to arrange green spaces in their community and gain profit from it. People should be concerned about the environment and try to save natural resources in daily lives. The industrial companies, in turn, should also encourage their workers to use water sparingly. Thus, additional planning of water resources usage should be made.

Consequently, environmental protection and fight against deforestation could decrease the level of water shortage and minimize the issue with the lack of drinking water. The most efficient method to save water resources is an efficient resource management. Water management provides preservation and recreation of water reserves. The government should try to find different methods of their citizens’ settlement so that water resources were not devastated. Besides, limitation of water use could be included in the state program for common citizens and industries. In addition, groundwater exploitation should be controlled and diminished. In agriculture, the amount of drinking water used for irrigation should be minimized; instead, canal water could be used for crops. If the government improves water resource management in the next years, the situation can change.

To summarize, water scarcity is the outcome of human’s activities and …

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