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A website is a collection of web pages served from a single web domain that hosted on at least one web server through an address known as the uniform resource locator (URL). Web pages use the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) while websites are accessible through their respective URLs. The URLs enable the organization of sites and gives structure and accessibility to any user using the internet.

The websites that I will be evaluating in this essay include the International Bipolar Foundation website (http://ibpf.org/) and LD Online (http://www.ldonline.org/)

International Bipolar Foundation (http://ibpf.org/)

The website belongs to the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) formerly known as California Bipolar Foundation operating in San Diego, California 92122 USA.

1. Credibility

The ownership and operation of the site by the foundation itself guarantee its credibility. The site operators carry a day-day updating of the site. The site further carries links to other websites and the organization hosts them as the sources for content on the website. With the mission “A world of hope, resources and support”, the general goal of the website is to sensitize and provide support for users with or concerned about bipolar disorder. The site also carries stories of real life persons who have experienced and dealt with bipolar disorder in their life.

2. Content

The content on the page is diverse as it caters for a multicultural audience. The website further employs the use of a “Select Language” option that gives the user the opportunity to interact with content tailored to them. The presentation is objective as it encourages the participation of the user in the events suggested by the website’s calendar of events that run as headlines. Bipolar matters are presented on the website as it includes content shared by other users with the disorder hence the appropriateness for similar users. The site effectively uses the first person communication, and it encourages the visitors to participate. The use of pronouns ‘you’ and titles like ‘learn’, ‘share,' ‘get help’ and ‘get involved’ attempts to include the user in the site’s objectives. The site further the option for users to select their language for presentations that they can comprehend. The content of the site has optimal readability, as the font is readable. The organization of the content into sections with titles increases the site’s accessibility. The further pairing of the content with images gives the site a friendly interface.

3. Design and Navigability

The balance of colors and the use of images makes the site rather welcoming to the user who is targeted directly, “Do you…)”. The site is motivating as per the content that gives the reader the general idea of being bipolar and suggests support. The inclusion of images settles the mind and tells a personal story of the bipolar disorder that the visitor can understand.

4. Individuals with disabilities

The site is important for the use of individuals with disabilities as not only does it avail resources on the …

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