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We encounter fallacies on a regular basis every day. Sometimes fallacies are innocent, sometimes that are deliberate and are aimed at manipulating people’s opinions and urge upon some actions. The most common industries that exploit logical fallacies are politics and advertisement.

For instance, AXE Effect commercial dedicated to the chocolate fragrance rests on the presumption that all women cannot resist the smell of the chocolate. The commercial exploits the hasty generalization fallacy by promising that all women who smell the AXE chocolate will inevitably react positively. (YouTube, 2015) Another example from my life occurred when one of my parents said that if I went to my friend’s party, I would end up being involved in some kind delinquency.

The presumption rested on the fact that my friend’s home is located in the criminally active area. This is an example is of both generalization and slippery slope where there is no clear logical connection between the argument and the premise. (Ministry, 2015)


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