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Week 7Name of StudentInstitution affiliationWeek 7A focus on superior customer service quality is a good strategy. In the long run, it will ensure the competiveness of Artists Frame Service. However, to achieve this final goal, the company is expected to consider strengths and limitations of the tough policy towards its employees.Under tough competition, high quality of services is considered the company’s priority, as lowering prices or similar strategies have short-term effect, and do not ensure business sustainability (Magretta, 2011). In order to survive, a company is expected to offer the level of service that it is unavailable for its competitors (Gilbert, 2015). Thus, ongoing improvement of services is a feasible strategy.At the same time, the company’s strict attitude towards its employees is only partially justified. On the one hand, it would be wrong to keep employees who resisted training and did not added value to the company’s performance. On the other hand, the fact that employees cannot perform their duties well even after training could indicate its low effectiveness.Taking into account the last two considerations, I would like to work for Artists Frame Service, if the company’s vision is accurately articulated, so all employees know what is expected of them. I would also want that training approaches are constantly revisited to ensure that employees get instruction that corresponds to the requirements for employees and that facilitates performance of the employees, rather than confuses it. Under such conditions, the company will be able to keep a balance between keeping employees satisfied and nurturing talent.ReferencesGilbert, A. L., 2012. CBM PTE LTD – Industry’s ‘silent service’? Baltimore: Laureate Education.Magretta, J., 2012. The five forces. Competing for profits. Understanding Michael Porter’s best-known framework. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Review …
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